Full Management for Community Associations

What Services are included with Full Management?

We understand that all properties are unique and we tailor our services to those particular needs but below is a list of SOME of the common services provided.

No initial set up fees
On line owner account access
On line board member access with special permissions
Payment coupons
Collect dues
Regular deposits into correct accounts
Accurate tracking of all funds
Accurate owner accounts
Monitor charges and pay bills, On Time!
Prepare yearly budgets
Prepare financial reports
Reserves management
Provide 100% accurate financial to accountant for tax returns
Apply late charges on correct date
Send late letters promptly
Work hard to collect on delinquent accounts
Save our associations money!

Work with your vendors and/or ours
Get multiple bids from reputable vendors for projects (we do not profit off your projects!)
Meet vendor's on site as many times as necessary
Monitor work being performed 
Check on quality before issuing payment no matter how small the job
Regular property inspections
Send appropriate violation letters
Follow up on violations
Save our associations money!

Community web site (additional charges apply)
Owners can decide how to receive communications email, web, mail or all three
24 Hour emergency numbers
We encourage owners to call us with any questions
Our email is always on and we respond A.S.A.P.
Work closely with the Board Of Directors
Attend board meetings
Do all that is asked of us
Enforce the rules and regulations
Newsletter design and distribution
Welcome Packets
Seller Letters
Resale disclosures
Save our associations money!

 We can offer you any service you require. Its impossible to list all the day to day things that always seem to come up. Let us handle it for your association, When we say Full Management that's exactly what we mean. The board can decide how involved with the day to day operations it gets. Let us show you how NICE being a board member really can be.