​​Rates as of 1-1-17

Accounts in good standing (60 days or less Delinquent)

  • Home Owner Resale Disclosure and Full Set of Legal Documents $250.00 
  • Homeowner Dues Current $75.00 (updates are free)
  • Homeowner Condo Questionaires $150.00 
  • Homeowner - Legal Documents $50.00 (Included with Resale Disclosure)

More than 60 days Delinquent, Pending Foreclosure, Bank Owned (Occupied), Foreclosed (Vacant) 

Please call the office for rates

Payment is required up front, please contact the office 952 445 4464 for further details.  Once payment is received documents are typically provided within 24 hours or less.

Order Condo Resale Disclosures and other Documents