You have a choice!

Wright Management is proud to offer an experience in association management unlike any other.  Let us show you that you do have a choice other than the 3 or 4 companies the search engines point you towards.  Your association does not have to conform to the ways of the large scale companies, you can have a truly tailored method of property management if you choose.  Wright Management is not a company that's all about the numbers, we do not have a hundred employees, we do not manage hundreds of properties with thousands of units, we do not have a sales team and a big advertising budget we have never had to use the phrase "high property retention rate."  We are not interested in becoming one of the largest management companies in Minnesota, because high volume means more over head and more automation and more automation means less personal service and personal service is what we are all about.
If you are researching management companies then chances are you are not happy with the way things are going and definitely know what you don't want in a new company.  Call us and let us show you there are other options out there.
Wright Management is proud to offer our services to Town Home, Town Office and Condominium Owner Associations.  We provide Full Service property management for HOA's as well as offer financial only services. NOTE:  many of our customers have found that our Full Service is as affordable as some other companies "accounting only" packages.
We are small and flexible enough to provide whatever services you desire.  With our experience we can recommend many ways to help streamline your association and have it running more efficiently in no time.  Whatever your association needs we provide it as part of our full management service.